Circuit explores the multi-faceted genre of techno & underground electronic music by curating events with a unique vibe, excellent sound & forward thinking music.

Since 2010 our focus is cultivating the techno community & culture in Arizona and the southwestern USA through our events.

Upcoming Events

04 Feb

Circuit X Solstice: Dustin Holtsberry

Circuit x Solstice bring Dustin Holtsberry for our next party on the rooftop on February 4th. Dustin has been making waves throughout the minimal techno scene the last few years we are excited to bring the vibe to Phoenix. Mullen & Badnes setting up the night on support.

18 Feb

Circuit X Solstice: Anna Reusch

Circuit X Solstice bring another night of techno to the rooftop of Bar Smith in downtown Phoenix, featuring Anna Reusch on February 18th. With releases on Drumcode, Tronic and SubVision prepare for a night of mind-bending, high energy techno.

17 Mar

Micro 5.0 - From Our Minds Tour

Circuit Micro parties are a chance to see some of the worlds best techno DJs in an intimate setting with proper sound & your closest friends. Micro 5.0 features Barbosa, Declan James, Decoder, Henry Brooks, Jay York, Michelle Sparks & Richie Hawtin! Contact us on Instagram or Email below for tickets. Tickets available now!

Latest Videos

BEC at Bar Smith

BEC and Circuit residents Mullen & Jorgen live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.

D-Unity at Bar Smith

D-Unity and Circuit residents Xer0 & Gersh live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.

Black Asteroid - Micro 3.0 @ Secret Location

Black Asteroid, Michelle Sparks, Badnes & Circuit Residents Gersh & Xer0 live from secret location for Circuit’s Micro 3.0.

Juheun at Bar Smith

Juheun, Badnes and Circuit resident Mullen live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.

Circuit Takeover at Effex Nightclub (Albuquerque, NM)

Michelle Sparks and Circuit residents Jörgen, Xer0, & Gersh live from Effex Nightclub, Albuquerque.

Nakadia at Bar Smith

Nakadia and Circuit residents Jörgen & Xer0 live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.

Pleasurekraft at Walter Studios

Pleasurekraft, Circuit resident Mullen & Disco Zombie live from Walter Studios, Phoenix.

Brennen Grey at Bar Smith

Brennen Grey, Donnerstag & Circuit resident Jorgen live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.

Drunken Kong - Micro 2.0 @ Secret Location

Drunken Kong, Juheun & Circuit Residents live from secret location for Circuit Micro2.0.

Joyce Mercedes @ Bar Smith

Joyce Mercedes, Michelle Sparks & Circuit Resident Mullen Live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.

Circuit Micro 1.0 @ Secret Location

Juheun, Michelle Sparks & Circuit Residents live from Circuit Micro1.0.

Juheun @ Bar Smith

Juheun & Circuit resident Mullen live from Bar Smith, Phoenix.